41 journalists, 6 ambassadors and four members of Lenovo team. All of them present at the very same time at a magical place full of Czech and foreign celebrities.

The new YOGA concept has made Lenovo move away from traditional laptops and tablets. Lenovo has come up with a trend and has shown the world what #courageouslydifferent means. Some time has passed since the Lenovo launched their very first multimode laptop, and many new devices followed. Thanks to their flexibility, the laptops and tablets can adapt to the user. Furthermore, Lenovo is practically changing the traditional way of using technology.

YOGA laptops and tablets are stars in the Lenovo portfolio. With that very idea we picked a place for the press conference. A place where many stars shine. The newly introduced products were in good company, accompanied by chosen Lenovo team members. Not only do the products from YOGA series have the courage to be different. They were joined by Aneta Antošová (choreographer), Dominik Nekolný (professional freestyle BMX rider) and Kamila Rundusová alias Kamu (young and passionate cook). Guests were excited when new wax figurines given to the Museum by Lenovo were shown. Lenovo products also starred in a light show prepared by dance group Pyroterra.

The press conference was attended by 41 journalists, 6 ambassadors and 4 members of Lenovo team. After the release of new products, the YOGA series has appeared 119 times in technological and lifestyle media with an PR value of almost 5 million Czech Koruna. Positive reactions from journalists, increased interest in testing products, and engagement and active communication of fans on social media, combined with popularity of multimode laptops and tablets YOGA, proved that Lenovo captured attention with the #courageouslydifferent campaign.